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In patients with diabetes mellitus, hypoglycemia refers to a drop in glucose levels below 3.9 mmol/L. Occasionally, patients experience symptoms of mild hypoglycemia when blood glucose levels are normal. Such hypoglycemia is called false and they occur if the patient has lived for a long time with a high level of isosorbide pills. False hypoglycemia is not dangerous and does not require any measures. In other situations, the patient may not experience symptoms of hypoglycemia, while the blood glucose level will be below normal - this is true hypoglycemia, requiring immediate action.

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Overdose of insulin due to an error in dialing the dose of cheap imdur or an inadequate increase in the dose of insulin in the event of a malfunction of the syringe pen or when administering insulin at a concentration of 100 U / ml with a syringe designed to administer insulin at a concentration of 40 U / ml. Overdose of tableted hypoglycemic drugs. additional medication or inadequate increase in the dose of drugs. Violation of the technique of insulin injections. change in the depth or incorrect change of the injection site, massage of the injection site, exposure to high temperatures (for example, when taking a hot shower). Increased insulin sensitivity during exercise. Nutrition related reasons.

Skipping meals or not eating enough carbohydrates. Increase the interval between insulin injections and meals. Short-term unplanned physical activity without carbohydrate intake before and after exercise. Alcohol intake. Intentional weight loss or fasting without reducing the dose of hypoglycemic drugs or fasting. Slowing down the evacuation of food from the stomach.

They appear first. palpitations, trembling, pallor, nervousness and anxiety, nightmares, sweating, hunger, paresthesia. They join as the glucose level continues to decrease. weakness, fatigue, decreased concentration, dizziness, visual and speech disorders, behavioral changes, convulsions, loss of consciousness (hypoglycemic coma).